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unearned revenue journal entry

Integrating this innovative tool can make financial analysis seamless for your SaaS company, and you can start a free trial today. As a simple example, imagine you were contracted to paint the four walls of a building. If you are unfamiliar with ASC 606, I strongly recommend you read the related article for now and take the time to go over the entire document with your accountant at some point.


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Unearned revenue is a financial term that represents payments received by a company for goods or services that have not yet been provided or delivered. This occurs when customers prepay for a product or service, resulting in the company holding the funds as a liability on their balance sheet until the goods or services are delivered or rendered. Unearned revenue is an essential concept in accounting, as it impacts the financial statements of businesses that deal with prepayments, subscriptions, or other advances from customers.

What Is Unearned Revenue?

Overstating the revenue will also overstate the tax obligation of the organization and will lead to them paying more money than they need to. Baremetrics is a business metrics tool that provides 26 metrics about your business, unearned revenue journal entry such as MRR, ARR, LTV, total customers, and more. Since they overlap perfectly, you can debit the cash journal and credit the revenue journal. The statement of cash flows shows what money is flowing into or out of the company.

These amounts need to be updated on the statement of financial position and the income statement. Unearned revenue is classified under the head of current liability but, can also be recorded under long-term liability depending upon payment schedules. Let’s assume, for example, Mexico Manufacturing Company receives $25,000 cash in advance from a buyer on December 1, 2021.

Journalizing Transactions

Unearned revenue can be beneficial for businesses, but it is important to keep accurate records to ensure the accuracy of the company’s financial statements. Some examples of unearned revenue include advance rent payments, annual subscriptions for a software license, and prepaid insurance. The recognition of deferred revenue is quite common for insurance companies and software as a service (SaaS) companies. Unearned revenue is recorded on the liabilities side of the balance sheet since the company collected cash payments upfront and thus has unfulfilled obligations to their customers as a result. Under the accrual basis of accounting, revenue should only be recognized when it is earned, not when the payment is received. Likewise, the unearned revenue is a liability that the company records for the money that it receives in advance.

unearned revenue journal entry